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Yacht Crew Register is an independent yacht crew placement agency, focused solely on crew placement, giving your crewing requests one hundred percent of our attention each and every day. Yacht Crew Register has been successfully placing crew since 1995, and we have been enjoying exponential growth every year. We guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality of ALL personal information on your curriculum vitae and from your crewing requests. Yacht Crew Register placement specialists have been providing personalized service with the same clients for close to twenty years, and you can look forward to working with the same professional representative every time you contact us. Yacht Crew Register considers it an honor and privilege to now represent over 25,000 professional yacht captains and crew, located in every major port of the world, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you as well!






As soon as we receive a new "Crew Request" we immediately post the BASIC information on the relevant Job List which is viewed by thousands of professional crew worldwide. We also post the position on our various social networking sites to exponentially expand our crewing resources to even greater numbers. When we receive applications from crew we confirm their suitability for the position by their qualifications and experience, and confirm their references from relevant sources. We forward these suitable candidates on to yacht owners, managers, captains and department heads for their approval for an interview. The interview provides both parties with an opportunity to ask more questions regarding the compatibility of the candidate with the yacht, its owner, and existing crew. Most crew are initially hired on a trial basis until competency and compatibility have been confirmed for a permanent contract.


Thank you for inviting us to be a part of YOUR job search!


"Dear Yacht Crew Register, Everything with the new Captain is great, we couldn’t be any happier! Also, he has assembled a wonderful crew from his past experiences, really wonderful and qualified individuals from all over the world. We are so pleased to have made the changes and are looking forward to completing this refit and leaving on our trip. Thanks again for your help, you really provided excellent candidates and excellent service. I will definitely recommend your service to others! Thanks again for your help and outstanding service." (Owner of 150' Motor yacht)



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